Our April 2016 newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of our client newsletter for April 2016 your money our future, 

Have we reached the bottom? 

Shane Oliver Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy AMP Capital

Although it’s unlikely that we’ve seen the worst in sharemarkets, we do expect them to improve by the end of the year. In this article we look at the drivers behind market performance as well as the RBA’s likely move to cut rates in the coming months, and the economic impacts of the oil price drop.

Retirement rolls around faster than you think

New research shows one in three Australians think retirement is too far away to plan for. That’s a big mistake. Take it from me, the day when you’re ready to hang up your work boots is likely to roll around far more quickly than you anticipate, and it pays to be prepared.

Pressed for time?

When it comes to achieving work-life balance, many Australian families aim to strike the balance between time and money.

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